Filming National Braille Challenge in L.A. with Jordyn Castor.

 As an Associate Producer on the film “Can You See How I See?” I had the chance to travel with Jordyn Castor to the National Braille Challenge in L.A. Jordyn was one of the fifteen in America to compete in her category of Jr. Varsity for this prestigious award.
         Many people believe that living without sight is a disadvantage, little do they know it’s quite an amazing life. I recently spent a whole weekend with this outstanding fourteen-year-old girl, who has been blind since she was born. Hanging out with her has shown me how incredible her life is. Jordyn may not be able to see but she knows exactly what is going on in the world around her.
         Jordyn was just recently in the “National Braille Challenge” held at the Braille
Institute of America, and although she did not win, she taught me an awesome form of writing. To be able to write and read without any eye sight is very impressive, and to me Jordyn is a winner for having the knowledge and courage to compete.
         Through my experience with Jordyn I’ve learned to never take anything for granted. Jordyn may not have sight but to live her life she uses all her other senses. The night before the challenge she had the experience of feeling Hollywood. Then off to the beach with her mother and two younger sisters. My most memorable and heart warming moment with Jordyn was when we went to the beach. Jordyn felt complete freedom from her cane and just took off running down the beach and into the ocean. She knew exactly when the waves would hit her legs just by using her ears to listen to the water.
        Although Jordyn is younger then me, I look up to her. She is the most intrepid and intelligent girl that I have ever met.  Without meeting her I wouldn’t have completely understood the life of the blind. She has opened my eyes to a whole new way of seeing the world.



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