Filming Begins with Attorney Richard Bernstein

The Bernstein family is not unknown to Detroiters and Michiganders.  Most people know that Richard Bernstein, one of Sam Bernstein’s children, is blind and has been since birth.   He is also a practicing attorney with Sam Bernstein’s firm.

In our film, Can You See How I See, we will explore the non-sighted world of this amazing attorney. He believes in his heart that to defend those who have a wide range of disabilities is his calling card in life, and that his blindness has given him this life-long ambition.

As astonishing as his performance was in the most recent Ironman triathlon completion in Idaho, as is the way he enters a courtroom with no documents, armed only with a memory filled with facts and arguments.  I am certain Richard Bernstein’s story will add a wide dimension to our film Can You See How I See. – Stay tuned!



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