He did it his way.  Capt Ivan Castro runs the NYC Marathon.

Frank Sinatra and Capt. Ivan Castro are not that far apart because of the famous song
“I Did It My Way.”  On the brisk morning of November 2, 2008, some 39,000 athletes would ready themselves for the world’s most prestigious marathon. 

Amongst them was Capt. Ivan Castro, blinded in Iraq some two years ago from a life-threatening injury.  Ivan came to NYC with his fighting team: wife Evelyn, his mother and sister-in-law.  His running partner, George Mannes, would once again be Ivan’s eyes for the grueling 26 mile run, a position he has held once before with Capt. Castro.

Capt. Castro’s message was simple and solid: “I’ve come to run in New York to pay tribute to those NYPD-NYFD who lost their lives on 9/11 and at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.”  It’s amazing to me how strong his spirit is.  Imagine the mental and physical commitment you have to make to push yourself through a race like this.  Running on all types of terrain, pot holes, cracks in the road, not to mention a whole lot of people all trying to get to the finish line first.

The day of filming was as exciting for my son, Josh and me, as it was for all of the participants.  At one point I had to gain the assistance of one of New York’s best, Officer Piotrowski, to drive me through a wide range of streets, closures, and barricades so we could be at the finish line before Ivan and George.  When Officer Piotrowski found out what I was filming, he simply said, “jump in.” 

We are excited to incorporate our filming of this historical marathon in our film
Can You See How I See?

Executive Producer,
Keith Famie




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