A Surprise for Jordyn, PAC MATE 11.15.08

On the morning of Saturday, November fifteenth our production crew had the privilege of sharing a heartwarming experience with a group of our new friends. We picked up George Wurtzel, the executive director of camp Tuhsmeheta, who gave us directions to the Holiday Inn in Lansing, Michigan. He told us what stop signs to turn at and what lights to pass through. The trip to the Holiday Inn was at least six to seven miles away from his house. As the associate producer, I was sitting in the back seat and I asked George if he had any light perception, he said, “Nope, can’t see a thing.” We were all very impressed that a blind man was giving us directions.
Our production crew was meeting Jordyn Castor at the Holiday Inn, where the National Federation of the Blind was holding a conference. We had scheduled an interview with Jordyn to talk with her about Helen Keller. Little did she know that there was a surprise waiting for her. Once Jordyn was comfortable to start her interview, George and some of the kids from Camp Tuhsmeheta walked in and presented her with a gorgeous pink box. Jordyn was thrilled that some of her friends from camp were there; she was even more excited to see George. When she hugged him she almost knocked him off his feet. She tore open the gift and soon realized what was in that special pink box. It was a Pac Mate computer! The Pac Mate computer provides access to everyday Windows- based desktop data and software applications by utilizing Braille and speech output. Jordyn was so touched by the effort of George and her friends that a tear rolled down her cheek. She was so happy that she couldn’t find the right words to say. She was speechless.
Now it was time for her visitors to leave and to start the interview about Helen Keller.

Before we left that day we had a chance to interview Dr. Abraham Nemeth, who was born blind. Dr. Nemeth was the creator of the Nemeth Code for Braille Mathematics and was also a mathematics professor for thirty years at the University of Detroit.

Jordyn was thrilled to meet Dr. Nemeth since she has been using the Nemeth Code as long as she can remember. Jordyn also had a chance to meet Goalball Olympian Tyler Merren.        

This day was very touching to me, to see how happy she was when she opened her gift. Knowing that this was the grand prize for the Braille Competition that she worked so hard for, but didn’t earn. Her friends from Camp Tuhsmeheta gave her the Pac Mate because they believe in her, and know she will do great things one day.



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