Insight: Many Ways of Seeing

On November 21st we had the great pleasure of filming the unveiling of almost a year’s worth of work by local blind and visually impaired children and senior citizens.  The premier exhibition of the artwork, all in clay, was held at the University of Michigan’s Detroit Center in the heart of Detroit’s cultural community.  The inspirational art instructor who guides these visually impaired individuals with his enthusiastic ‘you-can-do-anything’ attitude is Professor Sadashi Inuzuka.   Japanese immigrant, artist, and professor of Art and Design at the University of Michigan, Inuzika has something in common many of his students.  He too is visually impaired.  However, if you were to watch him navigate a room, you would never know.  He has skillfully honed the remnants of his sight.  This filming will help complete a story segment within our documentary about the world of art and the many ways of seeing.



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