George, what an amazing guy.  He was one of our first contacts within the blind community.  After listening to the laundry list of accomplishments he has achieved, it is hard to believe he is completely blind.  George has climbed mountains, crossed miles of wilderness on skis, helps run a camp for visually impaired children, and is a full blown carpenter.  Yes, he uses power-saws in the dark.  Not to mention he has a great sense of humor and a very positive outlook on life.

Executive Director, Keith Famie, visited George and his friend Sharon at George’s home in Lansing.  George cooked dinner while Keith asked him about his life and experiences with blindness.  George answered Keith’s questions via a series of amusing anecdotes, but George really wanted to talk about Camp Tuhsmeheta.

 Tuhsmeheta stands for touch, smell, hear, and taste.  The camp is located in Greenville Michigan and is for visually impaired children and youth.  “The purpose of the camp is to give kids experiences,” explains George.  It is a place where these kids can overcome obstacles, learn how to be more independent, and have fun at the same time.  “Parents tell me that their kid comes back a different person from when the first arrived at camp.”  Hiking, swimming, archery, sailing, cooking, arts and crafts, are just some of the things these children have a chance to do while at camp. 

The Visionalist crew will be filming at the camp throughout the summer.  We are really looking forward to capturing the magic that happens there.  So check back with us as we will continue to post stories about our experience at Camp Tuhsmeheta. 


Tandem Bike Ride 5.24.08



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