This not for profit organization based out of Rochester Michigan has successfully matched and graduated over 13,000 person / dog teams since its inception in 1939.  Leader Dogs is an amazing organization that we owe a great deal to.  We have been filming there since the idea for this film originated.  There are million sub-stories we could tell about Leader Dogs, but one we chose to focus on was the fact that every year people come from all over the world to get dogs from them.  We have been documenting two of their international students from the moment they stepped off the plane in Detroit.  Luis Calderon and Carmen Contreras along with their interpreter Natalia Rios flew all the way from Santiago Chile to go through the dog training program at Leader Dogs.  We have been filming their experiences with trainer Sue Horn from day one, and we will follow them back to Santiago with their new Leader Dog to see how they settle in with their new friend.  A more detailed story about our experiences with Carmen and Luis will be posted soon. 



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