Jordyn Castor: National Braille Challenge Participant

This past week on 6/19/08, we had the pleasure of interviewing Jordyn Castor. She is an amazing fourteen-year-old student from central Michigan. We conducted our interview at Camp Tuhsmeheta, where she has gone for the past three years. Since going to this camp Jordyn has gained a great deal of self- confidence.  Jordyn has been blind since birth.

The weekend of June 27 to June 29, Jordyn will be competing in the National Braille Challenge in L.A. This will be her third time competing in this prestigious challenge and hopes to win first place.

While filming at the camp Jordyn took time to read a story book to some of the other young campers. Jordyn loves to read, and loves to share her Braille skills with the young children.

Kim Castor, Jordyn’s mother shared a very touching story with us about how Jordyn was only 1lb 9oz when she was born, and was diagnosed with retinopathy prematurity. Kim is very proud of her daughter. She believes Jordyn will accomplish great thing in her lifetime, we all agree.



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