Terry Desmond is a man who helps people in their most grievous hour.   He is the President of A.J. Desmond & Sons Funeral Directors. The Desmond family entered the funeral business in 1917, and has since become a community cornerstone in Oakland County.   As you may or may not know, we are losing our Greatest Generation at an incredible rate.  This unfortunate reality has well acquainted Desmond to the admirable task of honoring our WWII heroes at the time of death.

“Dad found that is was a mission for him to help people at such a difficult time,” exclaims Desmond.  This altruistic quality has been past down through the generations as Terry’s children have chosen to follow in the family footsteps.

Although they treat each funeral with an equally professional reverence, Terry admits that when they have a WWII veteran, it is particularly special.   “Their willingness to take on the difficulties of WWII, then come back and build the prosperity that we all enjoy today makes them a really special group.  So, consequently, when it comes time of a death…it is a time to honor that person as an individual, but also as a member of the Greatest Generation.”  Often Desmond will utilize the veterans’ cemetery, Great Lakes National Cemetery, in Oakland County where a full military funeral procession will take place, including taps and a twenty-one-gun salute.  

Desmond’s unique perspective on the subject of our mortality, and the supreme privilege of honoring a WWII veteran in death, leaves one reassured.  As the inevitable loss of our WWII heroes continues, at least we know that they will be held at the highest honor with the utmost respect. 



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