Members of the AMVETS Post 2006 gather together for their monthly meeting at the American Legion Post 216 Hall in Milford, MI.  Joe Salvia, AMVETS Commander and Past Commander of the American Legion, is grateful to the Legion for the opportunity to share the Hall and Clubroom for its activities.

While the purpose of getting together is to conduct business as it relates to the activities of the post, there is an underlying significance felt by all the members who are veterans of all ages from a wide range of military service.

But as Joe puts it, the best part about the meeting is the gathering afterwards, of the WWII guys, who just hang out and talk about their war experiences. They share a bond that, unless you are from that generation, and fought in WWII, you would have a hard time understanding.  The importance of these gatherings is invaluable to these guys.
A sign on the wall sums this sentiment up nicely.  “The price you pay for membership doesn’t compare to the price you paid to be able to join.”



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