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Wixom, MI, October 2008 - As ‘The Arsenal of Democracy’, no other American city contributed more or sacrificed more to a World War II victory than Detroit, Michigan.  Detroit: Our Greatest Generation recognizes the efforts of our surviving World War II vets while paying the utmost respect to those who have passed away.  The latest documentary by Visionalist Entertainment Productions is a moveable scrapbook filled with wonderful, wrenching tales of love and fidelity, loss and redemption, and most especially, the coming of age of everyday Detroiters amid the most significant events of the twentieth century.

Under the direction of Executive Producer Keith Famie, VEP has already secured a spot in Detroit television history with its landmark documentary series ‘Our Story Of.’  Each of these comprehensive and colorful documentaries focuses on an individual Detroit ethnic group and traces its roots from inception to the modern era, celebrating both past heroes and twenty-first century leaders. VEP has been awarded seven Emmys for these touching films.

Now, based in part on Famie’s family history—his late father Albert was a B-17 bombardier during World War II—Detroit: Our Greatest Generation is intended to recapture the legacy of our surviving World War II vets via stories and photographs, tracing individual journeys from childhood, through the war and the aftermath, when they returned to civilian life.

Among the highlights are a B-17 flight with a group of original ‘flyboys’; a first-time visit to the
World War II memorial in Washington D.C. with fifty Michigan veterans and the centerpiece of the documentary, a return to Normandy beach with a select group of survivors from that pivotal conflict.  Along the way, survivors of Pearl Harbor, Iwo Jima, the Battle of the Bulge share their unique perspectives on war—and peace.

With the echo of gunfire now faded, but hardly forgotten, these stark confessions and candid snapshots stand on their own merit.  From the reminisces of women breaking out homemaker mold, minorites who endured countless outrages to serve their country to the neighborhood kids who went on to ensure that Detroit would retain, then enhance its position in the new world economy.

Set for release in 2009, Detroit: Our Greatest Generation records the testimonies of the men and women who became ordinary heroes in the face of extraordinary challenges.  As the country loses World War II vets at a rate approaching 1500 a day, Detroit: Our Greatest Generation is a documentary which is as ambitious and timely as anything that Visionalist has yet attempted.

As has become a Visionalist ‘tradition’, the documentary’s premiere will be a gala media event. 
Detroit: Our Greatest Generation will be shown for the first time in a unique but fitting location —
the Yankee Air Museum at Willow Run Airport.  With the museum’s world-renowned collection
of vintage aircraft as a backdrop, the themed event will host many of Detroit’s best known vets, highlighted by the men and women featured in the documentary arriving in specially chartered World War II conveyances.  The event will be a touching and emotional powerhouse—in many ways, a final mission for some of Detroit’s most revered heroes.







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