Human-Interest Documentary Films

Eleven-time Emmy Award winning Visionalist Entertainment Productions was
established in 1997 by Executive Producer and Director Keith Famie (bio).
Keith created a series for various network-affiliate television stations based
on his adventurous cooking in exotic locations around the globe. Produced
both in short news format segments and hour-long documentaries, Famie
quickly developed his own unique style of film production.

Since these early years, Famie and his VEP team have produced a wide
range of primetime programs for broadcast on the NBC affiliates in Detroit
as well as PBS throughout Michigan.

Visionalist creates all their films with the same story-telling philosophy -
They want to make sure the audience walks away inspired, touched or educated.

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Complete Filmography

1997 – 2000
WDIV - NBC Affiliate - Detroit
(4) 30-minute specials, Adventure Chef films
(72) 3-minute cooking news segments, Adventure Chef
(2) One-hour prime time specials: Vietnam and Australia
- both nominated for local Michigan Emmy Awards

2001 - 2004
An Adventure Chef’s ‘Taste of Taiwan,’ one-hour special awarded Emmy Best Talent
Food Network series - “Keith Famie's Adventures”- 30-Minute Episodes
Seattle, Michigan, Memphis, Alaska, Albuquerque Day’s Special, Jamaica,
Wisconsin, Baja Mexico, Hawaii, Vietnam, Wild Australia Mexico (Mercados),
Fish is a Fish – worldwide locations, Quebec, Sturgis, Ultimate Foods-Ultimate
Resort, Philadelphia, Cooking with Moms-Mothers, Toronto, South Beach, Journey
to Mexico, Denver, Cosmopolitan Australia, Bangkok to Hanoi, Key West,
Milwaukee, Paris, Crete

Food Network -"Keith Famie's Adventures”- 1-Hour Special
Africa, French Polynesia, Southern France, Greece

Fox Sports Network
“Ice Warriors” – a one-hour primetime special filmed in Russia with the
Detroit Red Wings alumni team.
Nominated for two Emmys

“Our Story Of” primetime series about Michigan’s ethnic communities

“Our Italian Story” – WXYZ-TV7
Two Emmy awards

“Our Polish Story” – WXYZ-TV7
One Emmy award

“Our Greek Story” – WXYZ-TV7
Two Emmy award

“Our Arab American Story” – WXYZ-TV7
One Emmy award

“Our India Story” – WXYZ-TV7
One Emmy award

“Detroit: Our Greatest Generation” – WDIV-TV4
One Emmy award

“Our Vietnam Generation” – WTVS Ch. 56 / PBS Special; CMU-Grand Rapids
One Emmy Award
“Can You See How I See?” – WTVS Ch. 56 / PBS Special; CMU-Grand Rapids
One Emmy Nomination
"One Soldier's Story" - WTVS Ch. 56 / PBS Special; CMU-Grand Rapids
One Emmy Nomination

“The Embrace of Aging” - the male perspective of growing old

“The Embrace of Aging” - the female perspective of growing old
Two Emmy Nominations

“The Embrace of Dying” - how we deal with the end of life

"Maire's Journey"
Best Editing - Docutah International Film Festival

"Death is NOT the Answer"


"Those On The Front Lines of Alzheimrer's"

Those On The Front Lines of Alzheimer's

What can be done to stop this truly devastating disease?

Those On The Front Lines of Parkinson's

What can be done to stop this truly devastating disease?


Choice. Adventure. Growth.
Why would one decide to enlist?

Death is NOT the Answer

A deep look into the dark world of depression and suicide.

Custom Films Library

Here you will find a collection of America's stories as told by us.

Maire's Journey

Follow Maire Kent as she sets sail on an epic journey to fullfill her dying wish.

The Embrace of Aging

A three-part series taking an in depth look at how men and women of various ...

One Soldier's Story

The profound story about Sgt. Michael Ingram, Jr. and the legacy he left behind.

Our Vietnam Generation

A long overdue welcome home to the men and women who served ...

Detroit: Our Greatest Generation

A tribute to the men and women of the Greatest Generation, who built the ...

Can you see how I see?

An inspiring look into the life of those in our society who are without sight ...